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Science Magazine Newton is now available on Apple’s Newsstand. Aimed at a broad range of readers, from teenagers to adults, Newton uses interactive visuals and easily understandable text to explain today's hottest science topics, from the origins of life to the looming threat of asteroid impacts. Each issue also features regular sections on the world of animals, natural phenomena, and our universe; a virtual lab with which you can conduct experiments to explore fundamental scientific principles; and exclusive interviews with the world's most accomplished and fascinating scientists.

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Newton has completed its system migration. We have addressed various access difficulties, and the user interface has been greatly improved. Please update to obtain the newer version of the app. We welcome you to join us to discover the latest cutting-edge science.

Premier Issue **Now free!**

Newton Special : How the Sun Was Born

In breathtaking video, watch the formation of the Sun and Earth 4.6 billion years ago.

Eye on Nature : Yellowstone National Park: Geography

Witness the volcanism beneath Yellowstone in never-before-seen HD video.

Newton Lab : The Law of the Pendulum

Manipulate pendulums in our virtual lab to learn about the principle of isochronism.

Also, Animal Watch brings you to Penguin Beach on the Falkland Islands, while our Cosmic Wonder section shows you the universe through the Gemini Telescopes . In this month's Upfront interviews, you'll meet string-theory expert Brian Greene and the lead scientist for NASA's planet-finding Kepler Space Observatory.

February 2013 Issue

Newton Special : The Creation of the Earth

See a step-by-step recreation of Earth's formation in stunning HD video.

Animal Watch : Snow Monkeys in Hell Valley

Japanese macaques, known as "snow monkeys," love soaking in hot springs. See their unique lifestyle.

Cosmic Wonder : Taurus and Beyond

Explore the Crab Nebula, the Pleiades star cluster, and other sights in the constellation Taurus.

In addition, Eye on Nature delves into the wildlife drama in Yellowstone National Park and Newton Lab investigates the ions and salts that are indispensible to life. In this month's Upfront interviews, you'll meet theoretical particle physicist Lisa Randall and noted neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran.


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